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Is your driveway in a pitiful state? Have you been putting off renovation for the longest time due to the expensive nature of floorings? Well, then this is the perfect time to consider stamped concrete flooring. Stamped concrete has re-entered the market with a bang. You probably don’t know about it but Stamped concrete is all the rage in the construction market. It is surely something that you must consider if you want quality work that also happens to be easy on the pocket.

For those who do not know, stamped concrete is when you use concrete instead of other commonly used materials to design your flooring. Concrete flooring is also commonly talked about as textured concrete. It is because you ideally give texture to the concrete flooring to make it look different and more aesthetically pleasing.

Stamped concrete flooring can be designed to resemble other more expensive materials such as bricks and slates. G Cat constructions is a company you want by your side if you want to make sure your stamped concrete looks amazing. We make sure to provide you with the best possible services.

A Glance into The Past 

Most people find it surprising that stamped concrete has been around since 1950. However, it is as true as it gets. Construction workers used to make stamped concrete floors but they were quite simple which wasn’t favored by most people. That is the reason stamped concrete was not very popular earlier. Now you get several options to choose from. There are several designs, textures and colors available if you decide to get your driveways and patios floored with stamped concrete flooring.

Previously other materials like slates and bricks were more common as using them you could create interesting designs and make your house look more aesthetically pleasing. Now you can get the same aesthetic look with concrete. This brings down the cost greatly and you have the choice to get the flooring to look however you want.

Important Features 

There are several features of stamped concrete that stand out from the crowd and attract the favor of most people For instance, while you have to spend several hours trying to look for a specific brick for your patio, concrete is very easily available.

In addition to that, while most people do not know how to work with flagstones or slates, they do know how to work with concrete. This is why many people even attempt to build their own driveways which would have been fine if it was plain ol concrete. Stamped concrete flooring is a lot trickier. G Cat constructions can help you with that.

As briefly mentioned earlier, there are several options that you get stamped concrete flooring. Expert companies can make that experience even better for you by making sure that you have an endless pool of textures to choose from you.

A great feature of stamped concrete flooring that makes it too difficult to say no to is the price tag it comes with. Stamped concrete St Charles is actually a very cheap alternative as compared to all the other materials that can be used. Stamped concrete gives you the luxury look without the hefty price tag. When we talk about the prices it will be unfair to ignore the durability of the flooring which is definitely worth the money spent.

Stamped concrete flooring is highly customizable and you can give it any additions you’d like. For example you can get it stained, painted or even made exclusively with a color of your choice.

Get Creative! 

We have all played those house decorating games where we get to decide things such as the color of the curtains and specifically the color and make of the flooring. Now you can do that in real life. This time it is even better because you are not just given a handful of options but have a plethora of possible options that you get to decide for yourself.

Many people are afraid of risking their money and still end up being dissatisfied with the end result. For such people getting stamped concrete flooring for their patios and driveways is the safest bet. You will almost always get the outcome that you expect. It is that simple with stamped concrete flooring. Speaking of simple things, keeping your stamped concrete floors clean is also as simple as it can get. You don’t need to spend a lot of effort or money on making sure that it is clean. Just wipe or broom off any dirt you find.

Why Choose Stamped Concrete St Charles Flooring For Driveways and Patios In St. Charles? 

When you are given several options to choose from, wouldn’t you like to exercise your choices? Stamped concrete gives you all the options you need. Using them you can design your patios and driveways anyway you please. You can make it look like you spent a lot of money getting slates while its just stamped concrete textured as slates. Sounds great doesn’t it, there are more benefits to it:

Endless Designs 

With stamped concrete flooring you get more options than any other material could’ve given you. Think of the driveway of your dreams and use stamped concrete to create the exact replica of that. Let your creative juices flow and you will surely get a great outcome.

Easy To Maintain 

Most materials require high maintenance but this is not the case with textured concrete flooring. you do not need to be very cautious about the care of stamped concrete flooring as they do not require a lot of maintenance. That does not mean they will not get dirty, they will, but it is a lot easier to clean them.


Among other factors, it is important that your driveway is durable. Stamped concrete will give you the durability you want. It is known to be extremely long lasting.

For the residents of St. Charles, G Cat Construction offers its services to help you get the best flooring for your driveway and patios. We have all that you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have heard the terms textured or imprinted concrete before.  If you have, you’ve heard about stamped concrete then.  They’re interchangeable terms that describe a product that can replicate other stones such as slate, flagstone, tile, or brick.  There’s even a wood option!  Not only can it look like those stones, but the color palate available is impressive too.  Durable and water resistant, stamped concrete is simply a great choice.  Whether it’s your driveway, deck, or patio that needs a new look, we’re sure there’s a selection to fit your style and budget.

Stamped concrete is an awesome choice for anyone who’s wanted to design their own driveway, patio, or deck flooring with a unique look that is also durable. Home and business owners are falling in love with the appeal of a natural looking outdoor flooring option that is also low maintenance and slip resistant. Our professional installation will guarantee your friends or customers are impressed.  G-Cat construction will help design, install, and maintain your floor and keep it looking great for years to come.  What a way to improve your home’s curb appeal and value!

A better question might be what options aren’t available, because with the variety of colors and textures, there’s almost nothing we can’t make happen when it comes to your design ideas.  Whether you want to play off of an existing feature of your home, or create an entirely new and unique space, we have the materials, experience, and ingenuity to make your vision come to life.  G-Cat Construction has choices such as bricks in a range of reds and browns to cobblestone in all shades of grey, slate from white to black, and even wood.  You’ll be thrilled with the different combinations, tints, and hues we can have to offer at stamped concrete St Charles.  We can’t wait to see what ideas you’ve come up with and look forward to making it happen.

To get straight to it, expect a simple one color/one pattern design to start at about $8-$12, per square foot.  That being said, the actual cost is going to be dependent on how large and how specialized your project is.  Custom work with more expensive materials will of course cost more.  Nevertheless, expect your stamped concrete St Charles project to pay dividends both in the short and the long term. You’ll immediately reap the benefits of a low maintenance, beautiful new outdoor space.  Long term, your property value will rise as this continues to be a sought after home addition.  To discuss the cost of the project you have in mind for your home, call G-Cat contractors today for a personalized quote.

It shouldn’t.  If it does, someone along the way didn’t do their job.  Stamped concrete is meant to imitate the best of the materials being replicated.  That’s why the stamping mats used are usually molded from the original materials.  Integral or dry-shake materials help bring out the most natural color possible.  Surface applied coloring mediums also play a role.   Looking at stamped concrete, you should not immediately be able to tell, it’s not “real.”  You get the look you want, with those pesky splinters, weeds, or other imperfections.

Any wet surface is a slipping hazard.  Fortunately, the nature of stamped concrete, particularly its more textured surface, make it less slippery than its traditional counterpart.  If you’re looking to install stamped concrete in a high traffic area, we have alternatives and additives we can offer to help make this less of a concern.  Our G-Cat contractors stand ready to help you with any questions you may have.

Stamped concrete is designed to last years.  Cared for properly, and installed well initially, it can last for decades.  Cleaning and occasional maintenance is important.  Color hardeners and sealants will protect it in even the harshest weather. Our pros will discuss these options with you in order to see that you enjoy the maximum time of this investment to your home.

St. Charles’ number one installer of stamped concrete is G-Cat contractors.  We believe it’s because of our expertise and attention to detail.  For a job that requires both speed and precision, trust no one else.  Let us explain:  The work begins before the concrete is even poured.  Patterns and tools must be prepped and ready to go.  Even as the mixture is being poured, we make sure everything is coming out uniform.  That means level and smooth with no bumps, air bubbles, or debris.  As it sets, we add any necessary color hardeners and release agents.  Our team then tests the concrete before any stamp patterns are utilized.  Our final step is detailing and cutting contraction joints.

Newly poured concrete is the best surface for stamping.  There are exceptions however, and we may be able to stamp very well-maintained concrete.  Contact us to see if your existing concrete could qualify.

We appreciate ambition and self-reliance as much as anyone.  We look for those traits in our team members, but with all sincerity this is one of those jobs that is just best left to the professionals.  One of the deciding factors in this assessment is that this is a job where you get one chance to get it right.  Things happen quickly and they need to happen in a certain order and certain time frame and if they don’t the results will be mediocre at best and more than likely terrible.  In addition to this pressure, add in the costs of speciality tools and the cost-benefit analysis points squarely at letting a pro handle this job.  Stamped concrete is an investment so let the best team in St. Charles handle this for you.  Contact G-Cat contractors today for your personalized quote.

Stamped concrete is designed to be durable and long-lasting. By following a few easy tips, you can enjoy it for years with very little maintenance.  Luckily, it doesn’t crack easily.  Color hardener sand sealers will help, but avoid salts in the winter and other chemical spills will help avoid this too.  Plan on cleaning and resealing about every 2-3 years, more if your winters are especially harsh or you have a lot of foot traffic.  Cleaning can be completed with a pressure washer or simple garden hose, a push broom and a mild detergent. Presto!  You’ve taken just about all the necessary steps to keep your stamped concrete floor St Charles  from G-Cat contractors looking great.

If you have more questions or concerns, know we’re always here for you. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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