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Floors are arguably the most vital, yet discounted parts of any industrial, commercial or residential space. Besides increasing your garage’s overall aesthetic value, these floors also offer safety while improving your productivity in daily tasks. Therefore, it would be best to prioritize finding the right flooring solution to improve your place’s visual appeal while adding some safety.

Epoxy flooring is arguably the most sought after solution people are opting for these days, and for good reason. This tremendous surface has plenty of benefits to offer, which is a major reason residents are getting rid of their old floors and replacing them with epoxy concrete floors, epoxy coating, epoxy fake flooring and other similar solutions.

Epoxy Flooring – What is it?

While epoxy flooring has become incredibly popular these days, many people still do not know about it. As soon as a concrete floor is prepped and smoothened, a combination of hardening chemical and resin is used to convert the mixture to hard plastic flooring. This process takes a few days, after which the manufacturers apply third and second layers.

It is also worth keeping in mind that this procedure makes epoxy flooring stain resistant and strong. The most popular uses of this type of flooring are in industrial environments, garages, warehouses and similar places. Epoxy floors has plenty of benefits. First off, it is quite cost effective. The installation and materials aren’t too high, which makes it a great investment.

In addition, epoxy can resist stains as well. Therefore, if you spill chemicals or liquids on the floor, wiping them off will be quite easy. This flooring option’s glossy surface reduces the stress people face when they make a mess.

It is a significant reason why warehouses and garages use this flooring option so much. Recently, however, epoxy concrete floors have become an incredibly popular option for living rooms these days.  They blend quite well with a variety of different colors, swirls, patterns etc.

Are Epoxy Flooring and Concrete Polishing the Same?

Polished concrete and epoxy flooring have plenty of similarities, but contrary to popular belief, they are not the same. Sure polished concrete might have the same sleek feel and shine to it, but it is remarkably different in more ways than one. Why? Because polished concrete is not as stain resistant, long lasting or durable as epoxy flooring options like garage epoxy coatings, epoxy floors etc.

Concrete floors generally tend to be rough and contain loads and loads of divots or blemishes. Companies often use abrasive diamond fragments for buffing up the concrete to make sure it does not have imperfections.

Epoxy or Epoxy Resin – Which option is the Best

Before we discuss which type of epoxy is the better option, it is important to debunk a popular myth, which is, epoxy is an ingredient first and foremost.  Therefore, whenever you ask about epoxy, they will mostly say that it is a part of multiple things.  This type of flooring is essentially made using the epoxy flooring procedure.

People often use epoxy resin for sealing in concrete, which helps give it extra shine and strength. Initially, it starts in liquid form , similar to epoxy flooring. As time passes, however, it becomes harder and harder. However, these differences are incredibly subtle and spotting them can be challenging for most people.

The experts at G Cat Construction can help you tell the difference between epoxy resin and traditional epoxy, helping you choose the right option for your warehouse or garage.

Advantages of Using Epoxy Flooring

Are you still on the fence about using epoxy flooring? If yes, the benefits mentioned below may change your mind.

Easy Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, maintaining and cleaning epoxy is relatively straightforward, especially when you compare it to other flooring options. Due to its glossy and resin finish, almost every liquid or substance spilled on your flooring can be easily wiped and mopped. This also means that you should never get overly anxious or concerned about unsightly smudges on your floor.

The smooth nature of this flooring option is also excellent at preventing bacteria and mould from thriving and growing in your garage or warehouse floor’s cracks, nooks and crannies, making it completely hygienic and allergen free.

Slip Resistant

One of the best things about epoxy flooring is that it is moisture resistant, which significantly reduces the risks of falling and slipping. The experts at G-Cat Construction can add slip resisting additives to your epoxy flooring making sure your family, visitors, staff and patients remain safe.

Excellent Durability

Epoxy flooring can endure a tremendous amount of wear and tear from various strenuous activities. It is significantly tougher than other traditional flooring systems and other options. A major reason why epoxy is more durable compared to concrete flooring options is that it does not chip or crack as easily. Due to this, you do not have to be concerned about breaking the floor every time you drop anything, even if the object is heavy.

Impressive and Unique

Epoxy garage flooring systems are capable of improving your area’s visual appeal, as they are available in a variety of aesthetically pleasing finishes like polished concrete, metallic and flake. While almost any type of finish can blend well with your warehouse, polished coatings are arguably the best for commercial buildings as they exude style and sophistication.

Are you looking for epoxy flooring solutions? If yes, we at G cat construction can provide you with our high level services, making sure that our experts install the floors the right way. All you need to do is get in touch with us and book an appointment and we will do the rest.



Don’t take it from us! Look what our customers have to say!

Harriet BoeHarriet Boe
19:10 13 Oct 23
A very well organized company. Their focus is quality and attention to detail. Vito keeps a team that works together with efficiency. If I could give 10 stars I would. I highly recommend this company.
Maria TMaria T
15:25 09 Oct 23
We have used G-Cat company for our concrete driveway and for installing concrete overlay on our front steps. We've been enjoying our new driveway for a year now and are pleased with the quality and appearance. This year, they resealed our driveway as well. In addition to providing high quality work, they also have excellent business ethics. Definitely recommend them.
Zach FickZach Fick
21:25 19 Sep 23
Great experience with G-cat and their whole team. Had stamped concrete patio done in the backyard around 17x32 sqft. Style and selection options were almost overwhelming there were so many - they can do anything. Flexible and timely between communication w/ management and front office. The team showed up early each day and were efficient and respectful of the space. True Pros, honest expertise from project managers, highly recommend
Gerry HuntGerry Hunt
04:41 08 Sep 23
I have used GCat for 3 concrete projects over the years; stamped concrete driveway, sidewalks and patio.Vito and crew were professional, worked as a team, and the work was outstanding. I recommend them highly.
Robert TobinRobert Tobin
16:08 03 Sep 23
Can’t say enough good thing about Vito and his crew and how happy I am with how my patio turned out.
Mark purintunMark purintun
00:33 29 Aug 23
In the spring of 2021, we had G-Cat come out to give us some ideas and suggestions on a new patio to replace the paver bricks we had. The bricks separated, sunk, became infested with ants, weeds growing between the bricks and such and it just became a headache and extra yearly expense we did not need. I laid out the plans for how large we wanted it to be and their suggestions were used. The toughest part for us was determining the stamped brick pattern to choose from (so many were available). They came out on the scheduled date and within a week we had a new patio. See the pictures attached. We highly recommend them. They watched the details, kept the area clean and kept the noise to a minimum. They did such a good job, we had them back in spring of 2022 to give us a new 3-car garage driveway. (see pictures) At the same time, we also had them install a new walkway from the driveway to the front door stoop. I’m very impressed with their work.
Becky HoganBecky Hogan
16:22 26 Aug 23
We have used G-CAT for our stamped concrete patio as well as a concrete driveway with stamped walkway. Plus sealing maintenance. They are EXCELLENT in every way - the quality of the work is fantastic. We always trust things are being done correctly and to the highest standard. In addition to that, they are so clean and respectful of your home while working. The team took care not to ruin our grass and landscaping during construction, especially when needing to go back and forth to/from the backyard. This is so much appreciated. Lastly and importantly, the communication is fantastic. Vito has been out project manager for these projects and he is incredibly responsive and hands-on from beginning to end. Cost-wise, they are on the high end in comparison to other companies but we find it’s well worth the investment based on all the above-noted factors. We would HIGHLY recommend G-CAT to anyone looking for great concrete work!
Gloria FergusonGloria Ferguson
05:51 22 Aug 23
G-Cat Construction Co. was recommended to me by a friend. I got 5 quotes for the construction of a new concrete driveway, front porch, and 2 sidewalks. G-Cat was the only company whose estimate itemized each part of the job, with pricing and detailed specifications. Although G-Cat was not the lowest bidder (neither was it the highest), I’m glad I contracted with them. The owner, Vito, applied for the village permit as required and completed the work according to Village codes. It took 5 days to complete the job because of rainy weather, but Vito assured me that it would be done before I went on vacation.I was amazed at how hard the initial crew of 8 men, including Vito, worked to remove all the existing concrete and landscaping in front of my house in just one day. They had all the equipment needed to do the job, including a Bobcat with multiple attachments for drilling and excavating, a Kato Imer mini excavator, trucks for concrete and yard waste removal, an air compressor jackhammer, and an old-fashioned sledgehammer. Ozinga provided a high-quality concrete mixture that contained fiber mesh.The crew worked together well and always cleaned up after each phase of the project. I can finally drive my car into the garage without a jolt now that the driveway pitch meets the level of the garage floor. I am getting compliments from friends and neighbors on how beautiful the driveway looks. People are hesitant to park on it because they want to keep it in its pristine condition!The porch is well-constructed with minimal damage to the house brick to which it is attached. The crew used concrete blocks to support the porch and inserted cardboard concrete forms (Sonotubes) to make the concrete footings. They put a waterproof barrier on the porch wall before pouring the concrete. No cracking has occurred on the new porch and steps. The sidewalk approaching the porch is wider and more impressive now. Both new sidewalks are crack-free and level so that no rainwater drains toward the house.I am very pleased with the work done by G-Cat Construction and highly recommend this company.Services: Demolition and removal of existing concrete, removal of landscaping, construction of concrete driveway, porch/stairs, and 2 sidewalks
Jakub BoruchJakub Boruch
18:02 02 Jul 23
Vito was very professional, detail oriented and one of the only companies that broke down the estimate by line item including pricing and detail specification of every step. Communication was perfect from start to finish of the project. The crew really paid specific attention to the smallest details that make a difference in the long run of concrete. The owner personally operated machinery, worked with his crew, and made sure everything was perfect down to the last detail. Highly recommended!
Christopher SheehanChristopher Sheehan
07:46 05 Jun 22
Vito and his team were/are incredible. Very professional, polite, detail oriented. Brought my wife’s vision to reality.You may pay a few bucks more but you will not find better service and team anywhere.I interviewed many before Vito and once we reviewed our project, I absolutely had to choose G Cat.The absolute best outfit around.Can’t thank them enough.

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