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Are you planning a renovation for your driveway and patio? If so, you must have thought about what you are going to do with the flooring. If you haven’t already, why don’t you give stamped flooring a try? Do you know what Stamped flooring is? It is also commonly known as textured concrete. It is essentially giving texture or patterns to the concrete just so it resembles bricks or other textures.

Sounds like a good idea? It is! Stamped Concrete comes with a lot of benefits, most importantly it looks great! Do you want to get stamped concrete for your driveway or patios? Do you happen to live in Schaumburg? That’s great then! G Cat Construction can help you get the best quality stamped concrete flooring without any hassle. We have the most qualified contractors who can give you the flooring of your dream.

Stamped Concrete Schaumburg – A Great Alternate

Stamped concrete contrary to popular belief is not a new concept but has been used for several years. The only reason why it wasn’t mainstreamed is that previously they did not have a lot of variety in the texture and patterns. However, now things are very different. You can find a lot of different textures, colors and patterns.

In comparison to the other materials used, concrete is a great deal and more cheaper. You can mold it to any pattern you want, it doesn’t matter what material that design is usually seen in. Living in Schaumburg you can get a much durable and pocket friendly option if you choose stamped concrete. Aesthetically pleasing flooring doesn’t always have to be expensive. Make the smarter move and choose stamped concrete.

Important Features

Stamped concrete, unlike other alternatives, is readily available. All you need to do is get connected to a contractor and sign up for a contract and you’re good to go. It’s that easy! Many people even try giving it a shot themselves, some even succeed but it is not a good idea. Concrete can be quite tricky which is why it is best to let experts do it.

Experts can give you several patterns and textures to choose from, the contractors have the experience of working with stamped concrete and will be able to provide you the kind of help you are looking for. One other very distinguishing factor of stamped concrete is its price. Getting your driveways and patios renovated can be quite draining on your pocket which is why most contractors today recommend to use stamped concrete.

When talking about the durability of stamped concrete, it is considered to be one of the strongest materials. For much less you get the durability of expensive materials when using stamped concrete and get the same style as the expensive materials.

Lastly, there are additional features you can throw in with the stamped concrete. For instance you get your concrete stained to give off an interesting color. The staining technique depends on the type of color you are looking for. If you are looking for a solid color you can even use dyed concrete to get the driveways and patios made.

Stamped Concrete Allows You To Play Around

Stamped concrete Schaumburg opens the doors to creativity. There are several things you can do when it comes to stamped concrete, the possibilities are essentially endless. It does not matter whether you are using it for residential or commercial estates, either way it is possibly the best choice for you.

With other materials it is always a risk. Even after spending a lot of money you will not be sure how the end result will turn out. That’s not a problem with stamped concrete flooring as you get the liberty to choose from several different designs and the result is almost always identical to the intended design.

Other than aesthetics it is important that you think about the keep-up of the flooring. It is a key factor as many times it becomes too difficult to clean your driveways when they are made of other materials. However, with stamped concrete floors you do not have to worry about keeping it clean as it is simple. All you really need is a cloth, a wet one at that and dust off all the dust. You can even clean spillages of oil or other things this way too.

If you’re an old soul and are positively in love with the aesthetics of the olden times, you can use that passion and channel it onto your driveway. You can make it look like it’s from the era of your choice. That’s how the possibilities are endless and you can play around..

Why Residents Of Schaumburg Should Go For Stamped Concrete?

Who does not like a plethora of choices to choose from? We all do! That’s exactly what stamped concrete gives you. You can give your driveway and patios the makeover you want. You can make it out to be as if you’ve gone through the trouble of getting bricks laid on the driveway. Including the several faces you can give your stamped concrete flooring, there are many benefits that come with it. Let’s take a closer look at some of them

Creative Expression

Many of us take extreme joy in creating things the way we like them. Concrete flooring gives you the opportunity to channel your inner interior designer and get anything that you envision. We have already discussed all the options you can go for when it comes to stamped flooring.

Cheap and Hassle Free Maintenance

Stains are inevitable when something is in continuous use. If you are greatly annoyed by stains and would wish for them to vanish easily then, stamped concrete is the best choice for you. Be it the patio or the driveway, getting dirty is to be expected. Stamped concrete floors allow you to get them wiped off as quickly and as easily as possible.


When compared with other materials, Stamped concrete floors were found to have more longevity. They can give you 25 solid years if you take care of them.

Now that you have a substantial amount of information on stamped concrete floors you can make an informed decision. G Cat is here to help you give your house the outlook it deserves. Our experts are the perfect fit for you when it comes to flooring in Schaumburg!

Frequently Asked Questions

Also known textured or imprinted concrete, stamped concrete has been giving homeowners creative outdoor decorating options for years now.  Stamped concrete can substitute for stones such as slate, flagstone, tile or brick.  There’s even an option that looks like wood!  The variety is truly remarkable and is a fantastic way to refresh your patio, deck, or driveway.  Not only that, you won’t believe how affordable it is.  Maybe best of all, it’s durable and has worry-free maintenance.  What’s not to like?

Let’s just say if you like variety, durability, low-maintenance, and the opportunity to be your own design artist, then stamped concrete will check all those boxes for you and more.  It’s popularity continues to grow with home and business owners for those reasons, along with safety.  It’s slip resistant as well, which is great for around pools or foot traffic areas that are exposed to the elements.  Stamped concrete installation however is not a job for the weekend do-it-yourselfer.  It’s best left to the pros.  And who better to call than G-Cat construction?  We’ll be there from design to installation, and then afterwards for any repair, cleaning, or resealing that needs to be done.  Call us today for all the details!

If you can imagine it, we can probably make it happen.  It’s that simple.  Our pattern and color supply is nearly endless, so please bring any and all ideas that have inspired your creativity.  Whether it’s playing off of your existing outdoor decor and landscaping or something else personal to you, there’s a color scheme, texture, and design for you.  Our most popular options tend to be slate, flagstone, or fieldstone.  Plenty of other people however, gravitate towards brick, cobblestone, or wood.  Available colors range from reds and russetts to greys and earthy tones.  All types of combinations are on the table.  We can certainly visit your home or business for a consultation and to suggest our ideas on stamped concrete Schaumburg, but by all means bring your ideas to us as well.  Contact us at G-Cat construction today!

The costs of stamped concrete is entirely commiserate to the size of the project and its complexity.  Basically the bigger or “harder” the job, the more it will cost.  Pretty simple, no?  We assure you however, that you will see the value of our work.  Not only in how it will add to the beauty of your home, but also to your property value.  More and more homebuyers and homeowners are looking for a unique look to set their home apart. Stamped concrete can offer that.  Basic installation of one color and one pattern designs start at about $8-$12 per square foot.  More intricate combinations can be double that cost.  For a personalized quote on stamped concrete Schaumburg, reach out to us at G-Cat contractors today.

The whole point of creating stamped concrete is for it to not look fake.  The idea is to create a natural looking replication of the original material.  So much so, that the stamping mats used are often molded from the exact materials they are trying to replicate.  Natural coloring is obtained by using integral or dry-shake color and surface-applied coloring mediums so the best possible match to natural color is generated.  In many cases, the finished product is superior to the original because it’s designed to have few, if not any flaws.  Best of all, stamped concrete doesn’t splinter or rot.  You also don’t have to worry about weeds or moss growing between the joints.

Stamped concrete, because of its textured surface, tends to be less slippery than regular concrete.  Any wet surface can be slippery though, so if this is a main concern, please ask our G-Cat contractors about additives we can use that could help lessen this risk. You can also choose a heavier texture.  Your safety is our priority.

Our goal is to have your stamped concrete last a lifetime.  While that might be ambitious, we can certainly make sure you enjoy it for many years to come.  Even under the worst weather conditions, a little TLC (and property installation to begin with), will go a long way.  We offer solutions such as color hardeners and sealers to help extend it’s life, prevent cracking, and make it easier to keep clean.

Your stamped concrete experts in Schaumburg are G-Cat construction.  Our pros have the tools and expertise to complete this very time sensitive task.  When dealing with curing concrete, attention to detail is a must.  Precious time can be lost if essential prep work is not done in advance.  This is before the concrete is even poured.  Chosen patterns must be planned and the proper tools tested and ready for immediate use.  Even pouring the concrete requires a certain amount of diligence in order to ensure it comes out level and uniform as it hardens. Color hardeners and release agents are applied once that occurs.  Testing of the concrete is then completed before any stamp patterns are used.  Detailing is the final step, as well as cutting contraction joints.

While concrete stamping is usually only done on newly poured concrete, we may be able to cover your very well-maintained concrete with a stamp.  We would be happy to see if your concrete would qualify.   Just give us a call!

Perhaps if you do it for a living and you have two or three friends who also do it for a living to help you, then yes.  Otherwise, we strongly recommend against it.  It’s just not something that’s easy to get practice doing.  Yeah, there’s jokes about watching concrete or paint dry, but really things happen pretty quickly as far as this process goes.  Not only that, but you only get one chance to do it right.  You don’t want to see how much work goes into fixing mistakes as far as this project goes.  Mistakes are very expensive.  You’re also going to need specialty tools that will only add to your DIY cost.   Lastly, we’re sure you want this job to look great, not just alright.  There are certain jobs that call for a professional and this is one of them. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results G-Cat can offer.

You’ve already chosen a light maintenance flooring system with stamped concrete.  Now it’s time to take some simple steps to help preserve it for years to come.  Some easy rules to follow include cleaning up any spills right away, especially if they involve any kind of chemical.  Also, try to avoid using salts in the winter.  Sand is a better option.  It will be less likely to interact with and potentially break up the concrete.  Every two or three years, maybe more often depending on foot traffic and weather conditions, give it a thorough cleaning.  This can be accomplished with a power washer or garden hose, a mild detergent and a push broom.   That’s it!  Really!  Pretty simple, right?

If you do have any questions though on the appearance or the proper maintenance of your stamped concrete flooring system St Charles, know we at G-Cat contractors are always just a phone call away.

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