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When building a house, a complex or even a garage we often choose to ignore the flooring. We spend a lot of money on the walls, the decor or even the furniture while ignoring the sad state of our floors. According to interior designers, the flooring holds more importance than we like to believe. While you can change everything in the room or the whole complex for that matter, it is not easy to change the flooring.

Now that we know that flooring is considered to be a constant, it is probably the most important aspect there is. Which is why when renovating or building from scratch you must invest your time and make sure that your flooring is top notch. Many people in St. Charles when thinking about epoxy floors St Charles consider epoxy flooring to be their first and last choice. This shows that the market and demand for epoxy flooring is getting higher every day.

G-Cat construction suggests that all homeowners or industry owners should at least consider and learn more about epoxy flooring. It may be possible that you have limited information or literally no information at all. This is why we are here to help you learn more about and then help you get the services you need. Let’s get right on it!

All You Need To Know About Epoxy Flooring St Charles

For starters you need to understand the chemistry of epoxy flooring. Epoxy is actually a substance that is produced when hardeners and resin are mixed together and a chemical reaction occurs. This reaction gives way to the construction of cross-polymer structures that are what you can call from the family of hard plastic. These structures are very strong and can withstand a lot of wear and tear without getting affected.

It is because of its strength that many people have taken a keen interest in it and have started using it for several things other than flooring. It is used as a coating for several things as it makes it stronger and much more long lasting. When we talk about epoxy flooring, it is essentially the coating of epoxy on an already constructed floor. which increases its life tenfold.

When epoxy flooring St Charles is actually done, it is not a task for a single day. There are many sessions that go into the flooring as the epoxy is poured multiple times over the course of a few days. It is layered one after the other to give it a stronger outlook. Moreover, if cleanliness is a big concern to you then you’ll be relieved to know that epoxy floors do not stain. No matter what falls on the floor, you can easily wipe or clean it off and it won’t stain.

No, It’s Not Like Concrete Polishing

Reading about epoxy flooring might lead you to compare it to concrete polishing. However, both of the floorings are poles apart. Concrete polishing is not as smooth as epoxy flooring. Since it is roughed out using diamond fragments, it is difficult to achieve that look that epoxy flooring gives.

In addition to that epoxy is stain resistant while concrete flooring is not. You can easily stain it and it becomes difficult to clean it off. If you want an all and all option, your safest bet is epoxy flooring as it is not only strong, smooth but also aesthetically pleasing. Concrete polishing does not look very good and can even seem dull.

Difference Between Epoxy And Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin and epoxy are often confused for each other. Many people believe them to be the same them to be the same thing. Epoxy is in itself an ingredient. Epoxy resin is often used for things such as polishing concrete floors whereas epoxy flooring is a complete covering of the floor.

Since both of them are in the liquid state, most people are unable to identify the differences between the two. G Cat construction is here for you and we can surely help you with that! Our team of experts are highly knowledgeable and can help you without breaking a sweat.

Why Epoxy Flooring Is The Best Choice For You!

Our experts say that epoxy flooring is probably the best choice for you and we have good reason to believe that. Here are some of the reasons why you should listen to us and consider epoxy flooring?

1. Easy Cleaning

Cleaning your flooring can be quite a feat if it is anything but epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring on the other hand is actually very easy to clean. You can easily get a big piece of cloth and wipe away all the spillage or dust.

2. Luxury Finish

Epoxy floors are popular for their mesmerizing look. You can play around with epoxy flooring and even add decoratives to enhance the look and make it seem more high-end.

Epoxy floorings reflect the light greatly and that is great for your space. It will help your room to light up.

3. Longevity

Epoxy is very strong and that ensures that it will not wear down. It will not demand you to give maintenance frequently. It will also not be damaged easily.

4. Cheaper Option

There are many other flooring options available for you to choose from but epoxy flooring is probably the most convenient to your pockets. When you get epoxy flooring you won’t have to rip the entire flooring off and can easily build on that. That will help you save labor and even material.

5. Environment Friendly

It does not take much to manufacture epoxy and all the materials used to make it are free from any harmful substances. Since it is also a great reflector of light you won’t have to spend a lot of money in the lighting as epoxy flooring will help you light up your room by itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes you just feel like a change, something to refresh your workspace’s look and feel, something to add brightness and color, maybe even inspiration.  Other times you just need a change.  It could be because your floors are worn and cracked.  They no longer serve their purpose or worse have become a safety hazard.  In either scenario, epoxy flooring is a durable alternative to consider.  Your floor will look and feel new, and be easier to maintain.  It’s a great choice for work areas that have heavy traffic, or have chemicals or oils around.  It’s even a smart idea for a kid’s area in your basement.  We all know how messy they can be.  Epoxy is stain resistant and can be customized in a variety of colors to fit virtually any setting, residential or commercial. There are also a variety of options in terms of compounds, which can help fit almost any budget.   If you’ve read this far, you must already be intrigued, so why not take the next step and call G-Cat construction and see what epoxy floors St. Charles has to offer.

Epoxy flooring is gaining in popularity because there’s something for everyone to like about it.  First of all they’re strong and durable, great for industry business owners.  If your business uses machinery and has heavy traffic on the floor, epoxy can withstand the abuse.  Need something easy to clean in a messy area like a restaurant or even an art studio?  Epoxy repels stains and spills.  Trying to keep your garage clean in all seasons?  Epoxy flooring can also be scuff and salt stain resistant.  The coating will keep its color with minimal maintenance, is non-flammable, and safe for children and pets.  You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with our warranty.  Learn even more by emailing us today.

There are numerous types of epoxy flooring on the market today.  Their appearance and formula are what separates them from each other.  Three of the major kinds are: completely solid, semi-solid, and water based.  Completely solid are viewed by most to be the best option.  Professional installation is required for these floors, especially if you want to get the expected 20 year life span.  Semi-sold epoxies can be harsh and will require good ventilation during installation.  They also aren’t as durable.  Water based epoxies provide the best value in terms of cost, but are the least reliable.   This option should be viewed as more of a coating or sealant than a whole flooring option.  Some other types of epoxy flooring include:

Self leveling: This is the most used version of epoxy flooring. It levels easily and creates a smooth surface.

Epoxy mortar flooring: Here you have a very durable epoxy, since it’s made with ground quartz. It’s primarily used in industrial settings, where abrasion and chemical resistance is valued highly.

Quartz epoxy: Consider this for a decorative option that’s both durable and safe. It combines epoxy polymer resins and colored quartz.

Anti-static epoxy: ESD (electro-static charge) epoxy contains a conductive compound. It can absorb static electricity and dissipate any discharge. It’s desired most in settings with flammable materials or sensitive electronics.

Epoxy flake flooring: Looking for a floor that will be sure to dazzle?  This colorful epoxy has flakes added to get a textured and multi-colored effect. These flakes are skid-resistant and come in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Metallic epoxy flooring: Finally, if you’ve been looking for pretty, here you have it.  Metallic pigments are included in this epoxy to create a unique visual effect. Once it’s cured, the floor may look like flowing water, lava, smoke, marble or lightning.

There are so many options for epoxy floors St. Charles. We can’t wait to show them to you.  Call us today to learn more and find the right fit for your home or business.

Despite some people using these terms interchangeably, they in fact refer to two different concepts. Coating is just that, it’s a protective surface added to an existing floor.  Flooring refers to starting a surface from scratch.  How do you know if your existing flooring is sufficient enough to have coating added?  The floor should be at least 2mm deep.  Which option is right for you?  For that, and other epoxy floors St. Charles questions, contact us at G-Cat construction.  We love talking floors!

It may not be a satisfying answer, but we’ll say it, “It depends.”  The actual answer to this question depends on factors such as the type of materials used and the temperature at which it’s applied.  For the most part, epoxy hardens relatively quickly.  You can usually walk on it within 24 hours.  Times may be longer if the temperature is below 60F.   There are formulas which can take a few days, some several hours.  If time is of a major concern to you, let us know and we can work with options that fit a tighter turn around.

All floors naturally show signs of wear and tear eventually.  The key though is to try to keep your floor looking good for as long as possible.  Because epoxy floors repel stains and are more abrasion resistant than others, with some simple routine maintenance and cleaning, keeping your floors looking new isn’t that hard.  We’ll help you with tips and advice as well as instructions on how to best care for your floor.  If you ever have any questions, we’re only a phone call away.

Epoxy flooring can be installed almost anywhere. Some of these example, you might have already guessed, some may surprise you:

◦ kitchens
◦ bathrooms
◦ basements
◦ garages
◦ swimming pool areas
◦ sports venues
◦ locker rooms
◦ showrooms
◦ grocery stores
◦ factories and warehouses
◦ medical facilities
◦ public safety buildings
◦ breweries, bars, clubs
◦ hotel lobbies
◦ office buildings
◦ auto shops

Don’t see your idea on our list for epoxy flooring Hoffman Estates?  Call us today and see if it’s a good fit.

Epoxy flooring costs in Illinois range from $5.30 to $8.80 per square foot.  To provide a visual, that means on average it could cost anywhere between $1300 – $2200 to install epoxy floors in a modest 1- car garage of about 250 square feet. Bear in mind this is one example with no real variables included. Quotes will differ depending on several factors:

Size of the area to be coated

Materials chosen for the project

Condition of your floor.

It will surprise no one, that the larger the area, the higher the price. Another major cost factor is the condition of the concrete coming into the project. Floors that are uneven, cracked, or extremely dirty will drive up the price.  Now, if your floor is in good condition and doesn’t require much prep work, or should you decide to use a water-based epoxy, your estimate could easily come in below average.

Epoxy floors life can be best determined in three ways.  First is proper care and maintenance.  Love your floor and it will love you back.  You may need to consider a new topcoat every 5-7 years.  Second is the materials used.  Certain epoxies will simply last longer than others depending on how heavily trafficked your floor is.    Last is how well the concrete was prepared before installation and the quality and knowledge of the installers doing the job.  Choose your contractor wisely.  Choose G-Cat Construction for epoxy floors in St. Charles.

Simple.  Give us as clear and clean a canvas to work with as possible.  Move furniture and any other materials from the space.  Sweep up a little bit and let our team get to work at delivering you a beautiful new floor.  G-Cat construction has been at this for years.  We can’t wait to get started on your new project.

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